Goal is to educate the citizens of the world, especially future generations and today's elementary through college age students, about the rich military history of the United States and die role of men and women in the military, not forgetting the sacrifices made by our war dead.

This will be accomplished through interactive programs that round out today's classroom curriculum. Programs will be developed to enhance the classroom learning experience and will be tailored to the needs of the individual teacher. This includes outreach programs.

Educational programs include exhibits, tours demonstrations, briefings, publications, audio-visual projects and assorted other public programming.

The fee for Education/Students Tours is $50.00 per school bus. There is no parking fee.

These are the fees for commercial vehicles/non-student busses at the D-Day Museum. Commercial vehicles include vans or busses from churches, retirement homes, or other businesses or organizations. Commercial or organizational vehicles do not receive free parking.

7-15 passenger capacity vehicle $45.00

16-25 passenger capacity vehicle $75.00

26 passenger capacity vehicle $150.00

A guided tour for school groups is highly recommended and reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance. School groups that wish to tour the Museum on their own are welcome to do so, but advance reservations are still required.

One teacher or chaperon for every ten students will be required. Chaperons must stay with the group to help ensure appropriate student behavior.

It will be recommended that student tour groups allow a minimum of two hours for a visit.

Develop a pre-visit lesson plan and educator's guide for teachers to download from Museum's website for various age groups or grade level.

The Museum will develop military history educational curriculum materials to supplement the history instruction for use at elementary, intermediate and high schools.

Military History - Military Heritage Speakers - Outreach Program

Museum staff and volunteers will provide programs to schools, veterans groups, military units, and other civic organizations upon request and as resources permit programs on military uniforms local history, military history and other related topics will be available.

Oral History Program for Veterans

Complement the Veteran Oral History Project being conducted by the Library of Congress.

Veteran experiences are needed for present and future generations. World War II to current era veterans, from all branches of military services will be invited to register for an oral history interview.

Veterans will be asked to share the recollections of military service. This will be a chance to tell their stories, preserve their history and their memories for future generations.

Oral history interviews will he archived at the Museum and the veteran will be provided with a free copy of the interview for their use.

Volunteers, military history buffs, and students will be recruited to help with conducting interviews and typing/transcribing.

It is hoped that teachers will support this project by giving student volunteers some academic credit for participation.

Military History and Veteran Historic Research Center

The Research Center will contain an extensive collection of books, journals, field manuals, technical manuals, general orders, special orders, staff studies, microform, vertical files, photographs, films and other historical reference material to aide in the research of military history.

The Research Center will be available to students, researchers and authors conducting military history or genealogical research.

Symposium and Seminars on Military History (All Wars) and/or Veteran Eras and Issues

Conduct regular seminars to teach veterans, family members and general public how to conduct research related to war dear, unit histories, ship histories, etc.

Conduct a yearly symposium related to a specific war, branch of service, campaign, etc.

Conduct regular seminars to train volunteer history buffs and students on how to do an oral history in support of the Oral History Project.

Individuals can choose in attend lectures or workshops, learn how to care for personal military artifacts, join a military history book discussion group, or even view popular military films and join in a discussion group afterwards.

Summary Military Camp - Day Camp for children/youth to learn about military history, and how exhibits are prepared.

Programs, lectures and activities to support the Boy and Girls Scouts for earning merit badges.

Offer Teacher Workshops on Saturdays and/or during summer, related to all wars and military history and how to use the resources of the Museum to support their classroom activities and student tours/field trips to the Museum.

Home Front Support of the Military

To give attention to the roles, contributions and sacrifices of the home front in support of the war effort.