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The Veterans Museum in Texas will serve as a non-profit educational resource for the community regarding the service of America's veterans. The Veterans Museum in Texas is dedicated to the documentation and communication of the service of all American veterans from the American Revolution to the present. The Museum will serve as a gathering place for veterans groups to meet and share their experience of past service together and to surrounding Independent School Districts.
The goal of this Museum is to construct a permanent facility to honor veterans and their service to America. Through permanent and changing exhibits, educational program and community outreach, the Veterans Museum in Texas will pay tribute and remembrance to the battles and people from the American Revolution to the present.

The main building, depicted in the drawing on the Home Page and the Virtual Tour page, will consist of three floors with a total of 250,000 square feet. The basic design of the building is the shape of a Texas Star with each point allocated to each of the major services, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Gargoyle uniform-clad statues representing each of these services and holding United State, Texas, and Service flags will rise from the roof of the star point representing their branch of service.

The total cost of the Museum is estimated to be $143,000,000 which includes an endowment to support yearly operations and educational programs. The ground floor will house weapons, artifacts, and displays from the five major branches of service, as well as a 350 seat theater, gift shop, and snack bar. A star of Texas will be imbedded in the center of the ground floor crafted from granite obtained from Texas quarries. The second floor will contain an additional small display of artifacts (an example would be an original battle map used in the battle of IWO JIMA), the overlook area, and computer search kiosk that students and visitors could use to search for the names of family veterans.

The third floor would consist of administrative offices, educational classrooms, a veteran's locator database, and reception rooms for hosting veterans' reunions.

Many local school districts have indicated their willingness to produce curriculum designed to involve students in projects through various assignments and field trips to the Museum. Through comprehensive educational programs, the museum seeks to work with schools and parents to create greater awareness and involvement in promoting patriotism among the youth of our country.
The Veterans Museum in Texas is proud to announce that it has received a 35-acre tract of land from ExxonMobil for the development of a veterans museum in South Houston. The museum will be located at the corner of I-45 South and Scarsdale Boulevard.

The Adelante Group has assessed and evaluated the concept, market conditions, general tourism trends, and the site for the proposed The Veterans Museum in Texas. They have visited with surrounding Greater Houston area attractions, CLADEF, City of Webster, and the Greater Houston Convention Bureau. Using this data along with our professional marketing experience, we have conducted an environmental audit and developed a marketing plan.

* The VMIT will enhance the current attractions in the area, such as Space Center Houston, The Battleship Texas, San Jacinto Monument, and Kemah Boardwalk. This would capitalize on visitor's traffic in these areas with thematic connections.

*The VMIT will promote educational, civic, commercial, industrial and general development.

*The retail/service sector is strong in the Clear Lake Area where there are establishments continuously opening within the last 12 months. *

*The VMIT will aid the 125+ in the restaurant industry with Houston chains expanding and responding to the area's demographics and strong population growth. *

*The Clear Lake area has 19 hotels and motels offering approximately 2,000 rooms; also available are 25 Bed & Breakfast rooms. In response to the strong demand for hotel rooms brought about by many area businesses, the growing population and the strength of the tourism industry in the Clear Lake Area, there are several hotels that have recently opened, and several that are under construction. *

*Houston drew a total of 41 million visitors in 1999, a slight increase from 1997. Of these all 41 million were overnight visitors with a slight decrease from 1997. Appearing in the 70% of visitor survey responses, 50% came in their own car, 24% by plane, 18% by van/truck, 2% by RV, and 1% by bus. The survey also stated that 48% were day trips, 38% were 1-3 nights, 11% were for 7 days, with an average stay of 2.4 days for these visitors. **

*The VMIT will add to the cultural preservation of historical documented artifacts, which will enhance the educational and patriotism awareness at all levels of the public.


*Houston is the number one recruiting area in the State of Texas.

*There are more Veterans in Houston than in any other city, an estimated 1.5 million in Houston with over 14 million in Texas.

*Texas has more Medal of Honor recipients than any other state.

*There are no museums in Houston for any military engagement, during this century.

*There are potential partnership opportunities with other organization and educational intuitions, e.g. museums, military service groups and corporations.

*Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce & CLADEF

**Greater Houston Convention Bureau's 1997-1999 visitors survey

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The Veterans Museum in Texas